What do HIGHFLEET clients in these diverse areas have in common?


   Banking and Finance


          City Management and

            National Security

  • They have challenges requiring flexible analyses across lots of data in lots of places.
  • These challenges directly impact significant make money and save money opportunities
  • They need our solution fast, with no disruption to operations and without the high costs of traditional approaches.

Ask us about how we bring flexible analytics to crucial challenges in all industries.

You Can Do a Lot with a Brain

HIGHFLEET’s Semantic Federation of Existing Databases (SemFed) is fast, cost-effective and gives a superior result over traditional approaches because analytics are “baked in” to the solution. Our First-Order Logic-based Reasoner, our “brain in a box”, connects information and does inference over the logic model and data, providing deep analysis via a direct query interface. See our other Solutions based on our reasoning systems.


The FLEXINET project aims to provide software services that support the design and provision of flexible interoperable networks of production systems that can be rapidly and accurately re-configured based on the implementation of new software technologies. It applies advanced solution techniques to the provision of a set of Intelligent Production Network Configuration Services that can support the design of high quality manufacturing networks, understanding the costs and risks involved in network re-configuration, and then mitigating the impact of system incompatibilities as networks change over time.

While not nearly as capable as our XKS, the XTS is designed for those clients who have made a significant commitment to triple stores and want to maximize the value of that investment.

When “big data” means data from the web, the HIGHFLEET BrightPlanet team is the solution for finding the meaning in Big Data.