HIGHFLEET releases the eXtensible Triple Store, the XTS, a better, more analytic Triple Store.

While not nearly as capable as our XKS, the XTS is designed for those clients who have made a significant commitment to triple stores and want to maximize the value of that investment. Our XTS is more capable than other triple stores – see below.

The XTS is a triple store built on the foundation of HIGHFLEET’s XKS technology.  While all triple stores support RDF data management and a smaller number support RDFS or OWL inference, the XTS provides a combination of capabilities not found in other triple store systems:

  • Transactions – The ability to update and query RDF data under transaction control prevents incorrect query results and corruption of data.  Queries and updates initiated by separate processes are kept separate, enhancing the usefulness of the store for large-scale enterprise applications.  This feature is also useful for performing “what if” style analytics.  Data may be added, analyzed, and removed, all within a single transaction.
  • On-demand inference – Typical triple stores perform inference en masse when data is loaded.  While this makes for very efficient queries once the (often time-consuming) process is complete, it introduces latency into data loading and greatly amplifies storage requirements over that needed for the base data.  The XTS performs inference on-demand when a query is issued.  This means that only the work required to answer the query is performed.  Caching of query results insures that work done to answer a query is amortized over the application’s lifespan.
  • User-defined inferences – Some applications benefit from inference rules in addition to those supported by RDFS and OWL.  By allowing user to specify their own inference rules, in addition to or in place of standard RDFS or OWL inference rules, users have more control over application function and performance.

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